Hey guys, my band has been in the studio working on our EP. We just released a track from the EP called Tempest. Check it out and tell us what you think!


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Feedback is appreciated!
I assume that you play guitar.

Personal take on it, is that it has a lot of potential. "Buried from Existence" has a solid hook, but needs to be more dynamic. Were guitars recorded direct? They don't seem to have much balls in the mix, which suggests to me that they were not recorded from good quality of tube amps.

Vocals are a bit weak performance wise. They cut out of the mix early in the song, and are subdued toward the end.

"Tempest" does not have a catchy hook at the beginning. After you exit the first harmonized riff, it becomes more interesting. I would shorten the intro riff.

This is personal taste, but I don't really like breakdowns that have zero variation in pitch/ chord change. You build on it well in this track though.

Vocals need to be more intelligible and soulful.

Feel free to critique my band as well. The thread can be found here at UG if you search for "DEADIRON".
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