I will have 400 dollars to spend on some kind of guitar gear but the question is what i should buy. I currently play a schecter hellraiser with emgs into a peavey jsx 212 combo and my pedalboard consists of a channel switcher/booster and my chain is ibanez lu 20 tuner-morley bad horsie 2 wah-digitech whammy- pigtronix aria disnortion distortion/fuzz. I also own a mexican made strat that feels great but I isn't set up and the don't dig the stock pickups. I love the feel of the schecter but i wish I had a guitar with a floyd rose but I'd love a delay pedal too. If I need to I could throw in some more cash. What should I look into buying?
We can't tell you what to buy. Do you feel your tone is lacking in anyway? If so, how?
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hmmm I guess I wish I had a better hard rock lead tone. Like just fuller I guess but at the same time I really wish I had a delay because I have so many ideas for songs with delay and solos and stuff. But then I'd love to do an overhaul on my strat and make it a great guitar or just sell it and use that cash and the money I have to get another guitar or whatever
Just answered your own question.
Ibanez RGR421EXFM >> Maxon OD808 >> BOSS NS-2 >> Peavey 5150 212
Yeah but like should I sell my strat or should I overhaul it? I can't do all those things sadly
That's up to you. Would you like a new bluesy/jazz guitar, or would you like new effects to create new sounds?
Ibanez RGR421EXFM >> Maxon OD808 >> BOSS NS-2 >> Peavey 5150 212
buy a delay and have a tech do a nice set up for you. swap out the pickups too. depends on the delay, you should have enough money.
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you can get a good delay for under $200 and more likely under $150. put some Lace Sensor pups in the strat (the red, silver, blue set is about $140) and get it set up. those pickups will have some balls for hard rock / metal, be almost noiseless and still retain the good things about a strats sound.
i say delay, it makes your sound fuller and adds a certain shimmer to your solo's
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definately get a delay pedal, its one of the best things you can add to improve solo tones.
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definitely get a floyd equipped guitar OR buy my rack gear.