I chose "guitar tabs" menu. I found what I was search, and i click DOWNLOAD button, but noting happens.. writes: NEED TO log on, and I'm already logged into the site, and activated my account. WHY? How i download Guitar Pro tabs? T_T what can i do?
I have same issue, I log in, but I can't download gp files. When I try i enter password and get invalid and get sent over to the forum..

THe problem is that you never get to download the file in the first place.
Same problem here. I figured they changed the rules to be that you had to register to get Guitar Pro tabs, but here I am, all registered, and it still doesn't work!

This is the message I get when I click on the Download Tab Button:
You don't have permission to access this page. New users please register! Registered users please login below:
Ok Ive got them to down load My problem is and was getting them to except my credit card to by the Gpro 6.

I was helped with that on how to get the card to go threw.

Id rather go some where and buy it on disc..

Then I read about the next Gpro comeing out.

I would check to see if Your comuters are excepting all the cookies from UG and
maybe that the glitch in the downloading of the tab.
Same problem here. I'm clicking on the "Download **** Guitar Pro Tab", and nothing's happening.

Was this problem solved? Anyone?
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