Hi guys,

I'm a noob to all this Ohmage and wattage etc, and i need to get to know what im doing, and what it means!!!

So i have a Marshall DSL50, and im getting a cab next pay-day. (probably an Orange PCP412 or a Marshall 1960 lead)
In the back of my head iv got 16 ohm output, and 2 4/8 ohm outputs, you have to choose either 4 or 8 ohm, and its saying something like Paralell in brackets.

Does Parallel mean it can have 2 leads, going at 4/8 ohms to the cab/multiple cabs?

I dont know whats on the back of most cabs, but what one am i suppose to go through? 4, 8 or 16 ohm?

Also if the cab is compatible with all 3, then whats the difference?

Thanks, and sorry im such a n00b.