Does anyone use a newer Randall Tube Amp? what kind? and how is it/what would you compare it to?

I use a Randall Pro-tube 2000 guitar head, and it is THE BEST amp i have ever heard, hands down. tried it head to head with an original 5150, and the 5150 didn't compare in tone or volume.

has anyone seen a picture of one on the internet anywhere?

Im trying to dig up more information on them, but can barely find anything... anyone know much about them?
Do you need a picture of one? What specific info are you looking for?

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If you're talking about the RT series, I herd some clips some time ago and thought they sounded pretty good for their price.
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Yah, i kinda want a picture of one from when it was new, or more specifically, before any damage came to the casing, or any mods or anything like that. Can't find a single one, and about the only pic i can find on the internet is of the one i bought personally haha
The randall T2 and V2 are awesome heads
i know plenty of people that own them and they're insanely good and versatile, a bit more suited for the metal genre but still really great amps
that youtube video was of the Randall pro-tube 1000 mark 2. the pro-tube 2000 had a different casing, and judging by that video, wwwaaaaayyy better tone.

good to hear about the T2 and V2. always wondered about them. better than Krank amps?
I can't say i've read too much into krank amps
but one of my close friends has a T2 and the metal sound you can get out of that, it has so much clarity for a head full of gain.
If you go on the randall website and click on the T2 or V2 then they have videos on each i think which helped me out quite a bit, i was going to get one myself until i found a peavey JSX for sale!