Hi! So, I've been working on writing a simple acoustic song (chords and a couple little riffs and I wanted to know what you though of it thus far. I want to make sure I have the) guitar music finished (More or less) before I start adding vocals or any other instruments.

This all being said, the song is currently Untitled, though based on a couple lines of lyrics that came to mind, "Postcard" is the likely title.

My goal was to keep it somber and on that border between happy and sad. I'm not quite sure if I ought to add a second guitar or some simple drums to it. Opinions?

Anyway, any suggestions would be great.

Link below. Thanks guys!


Ignore the Swing Life Away cover. It's crap.

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It sounds nice the way it is, it just gets a teeny bit repetitive at points, but I think adding some extra instruments would work magic on it. A basic half time drum beat with maybe a lead guitar?

I'm not sure about vocals though, it may be a bit too busy but you can probably make it sound great anyways if you mix it right =S

I really liked the lead throughout the whole thing, especially at 2 minutes, I would change the rhythm up a bit, though, just for some variety, it got a little repetitive at times.
The pause at 1:10 was a bit misleading, in my opinion. I don't mean that negatively, I was just expecting maybe a new segment of the song to start or something different, along the lines of a soft lead interlude, but if you changed it into something like that I think it'd do wonders for the song.

Sorry about the late response, by the way.
Hey DaysofGrace!

I really like it. The sound of your acoustic is nice and unique. I like the intro and there's a lot of emotion in the strumming. This would be a perfect song for some orchestral melodies and maybe even a piano. You can fit in some nice vocal melodies with the chords that you're playing and some drums would fit in well with the song. All in all, a good job with the guitar parts. Now onto the rest of the song

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