when i sing my voice sounds so clean and totally not rockish at all

like brian johnson but not as much
Dave mustaine
David Lee Roth
how do you get your voice to sound heavier
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in my experience I have to sing louder to get grit. don't scream your lungs out, but to get grit I have to sing louder then I would normally (which is fairly soft)

not a great singer nor do I have any amount of training, but I can sing with grit for 2 hours and not muff my vocal chords (as far as I know)

also booze
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you can actually distort your voice at any volume, and doing this at lower volumes lets you get that tone without completely wrecking your vocal chords

I'm not entirely sure what it is I do, I believe its a bit of a false vocal chord thing but whatever it is is an entirely different different approach than just screaming a note as loud as you can. Actually I think what I did was use an excessive amount of pharyngeal resonance (when you feel it at the back of your throat and its a really bright sound) until the sound stopped just being bright and actually started to distort, you can do this quite easily with a light head voice co-ordination even though it'll probably sound ridiculous at that quiet of a volume.
Practice with a mic to start. From there just keep adjusting until you think your satisfyed with the sound