I'v been thinking of partnering up with some friends and starting a small metal record label.ANY tips on how to begin would be great\m/
We are all serious about music and want to help smaller bands succeed in music.
Do you know what a label does? Do you have any business experience/knowledge?

These are pretty important questions.
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Well, thats a pretty good answer, but a label is also about business, and do any of you have a strong handle on the business, or legal side of music?

Second Id say my first step would be strike an impact locally in your creative community and build up a name before trying to reach too far outside. Get buy in from your local area, and it makes it easier to expand.

Thanks forthe input Sean,We all have a basic sense of business and plan on starting with local bands
If you're serious there's a whole heap of books on this subject matter. Y

ou may also want to consider the local scene

Are there already existing "metal labels"?
Is the market for metal strong enough to introduce another one?
Is there any reason you'll limit yourself to metal?
Do you have the start-up funds necessary?
Have you made (or considered making) a business plan?
What role will your label have in the promotion of bands and creation of albums?
Who do you know in the industry?
Do you have connections to the "leaders" of your music scene both local and national, even international?
Do you have experience in the business side of music or the metal scene?
Do you have a good relationship with the popular metal bands in your area?
Is there any reason why these bands should choose your label over existing local metal labels?

Just some thoughts.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Business plan. Get business grant etc.
Lots of planning.
Lots and lots of research.
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