I'm rebuilding an old charvel model 6 and I have a schaller floyd rose bridge for it. I'm wondering whether to put the locking nut behind the nut like it was originally and have the plastic nut that it came with stay there, or whether to remove that and build a shelf and put the locking nut on that.

The first option is easier but I am unsure whether the tuning stability would be lessened by it. The second option seems easier to mess up in terms of height for the strings and things.
Do you want the original look?

If it is possible I would but it right up against the fretboard like it normally is.

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I'm rebuilding a Charvel myself and had to make a decision about the nut. I didnt have the original and never saw it so I dont know if it even had a lock! There wasn't enough room where the old nut was for the locking nut I bought, so I filed a flat space on an angle. I'm not particularly pleased with how it turned out, but it works. FB pics
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model 5? =D I love the neck through model series.

I really like yours. Looks awesomely aged. Mine looks screwed too =D I might just make a shelf for it. Sounds like the best way.

Thanks! I had planned to strip it down to wood and repaint, but I'm falling in love with the aged look. I'm glad I took some pics before starting. Its encouraging how much improvement came from just a wet rag.