I can fly with economy on pretty much most things, so I don't understand why people do alternate picking with outside picking. Actually I worded this wrong: If someone did alternate picking at 200 bpm 16ths for example, I don't understand why they'd go over to economy (just the same as I said above) if they can already accomplish their goal unless economy offers something alt. cant.
I started doing outside picking anyways because you never know when I'll need it, and hey-- maybe it'll be very useful one day.

I can't find any advantages to it though, because I can do the same thing with economy.

Does it offer any advantages? Is there any point of learning it if I can already do what I need with economy? Does it give me more dynamics? I've been trying what Paul Gilbert said about getting dynamics and I don't know if I heard it correctly or not but something about 'alternate picking allows you more control when picking, whereas economy is very fluid in motion'.
Once again, that raises the same question of: If I can get some dynamic with economy (minus speed runs but then again you can't really be too dynamic in speed runs anyways unless you're some sort of God), is there a point to it?

I'm looking for a viable reason to learn it rather than "just another repertoire of things I probably won't use"
: )
To be honest, I don't think there is an advantage to alternate picking. You can play faster with economy, and economy is not too far off from alt. pickingm so if you feel the need to alt. pick, you should be able to pick it up quite quickly.

Just my $0.02
alternate picking is rythmically more accurate.
listen to the master: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpJNUGHxC3M
it's all about accents.

edit: didn't read the whole post, sorry.
with strict alternate picking, it's easier to control the accent as with economy picking.
it all depends on what kind of notes you are playing.
usually an accent should be played on every beat of your time signature.
so when you're in 4/4 accent every 1, 2, 3, 4.
when you got that, you should try different stuff, like shifting accents.
this is very good to practise while playing 16th notes.
so it'll look like this:

Xxxx xXxx xxXx xxxX | Xxxx xXxx xxXx xxxX (X -> accented note, x -> not accented note)

try working on that and you'll notice huge differences
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I'm an eco picker and after looking everywhere for why alt is better all I could find was "Paul Gilbert alt picks everything" I found This and created the top half of my sig.
You can get a much more aggressive sound with alternate picking, and it's better at staying dynamically even. Obviously if you become proficient in one then you can mitigate the weaknesses or turn them to your advantage - but some things are easier one way or another.