I'm looking for good beats, something like Onyx Last Dayz (the final rap battle from 8 mile). No lyrics, just nice chill beats that I can put on while i'm studying or doing homework. It would be sweet to find a Pandora station that would do the trick.

Thanks all!

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Get the instrumental track of Fight the Power that was made by Dillinger Escape Plan
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would i be wrong to suggest some of my music?

maybe "when the orchestra dances" or "expidu" or any of the "hell" songs or "i'm almost there"

i have a lot of stuff thats electronic and "beaty" in nature. which reminds me i've got more to put up later....
Boards of canada. Or some flying lotus stuff although most of the time he's a bit nuts.
BOC are pretty chill though. They've a few kind of hiphop beat tracks, some glitchy kinda stuff too. Always good for chilling though.
This is actually a really cool thread.

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Look no further than Ratatat.

I never thought about this before, might not be a bad idea to try.

It worked for Cudi... >_>