What guitar would you reccomend:
-for playing metal (like avenged sevenfold, atreyu, metallica), rock (guns n' roses, foo fighters), grunge (nirvana, pearl jam), and some other stuff
-low intermediate level
-about 500€ or less

I was interested on ltd's (ec,viper) and schecter (c-1 plus), but i would like to know your opinion about these and other guitars

either of those would probably work.

with ltds I think the consensus seems to be that you need to go 400 series and above (might be the 300 series now) for them to get good.

i don't see the c1 plus on the schecter site, has it been discontinued?

EDIT: what's your amp? do you need a tremolo?
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LTD's are quite well-built, even the lower price models. I've played a few schecters, but I don't like them as well as the ESP/LTD guitars. Ibanez would be another good one to look into...
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Yo dude, I haven't played on an ltd in a bit, but I have a C-1 Standard, and with all the stock bits anything from Metallica to All that Remains to Sepultura come out awesome, and if you knock back the distortion a bit and you'll get creamy and crunchy if you mess with volume and the pickup selector. It's even got really deep and (if you coil tap) sparkly cleans. The LTD is a close second, where it lacks in the low end, high end comes through a lot better.