Hello guys,
I am going to buy a new epiphone les paul (im playing a very crappy no name guitar now=.=) to play in my band.
here is what i have
an epiphone les pual
a fender 25r amp
a digitech metal master pedal.
that is all I have. and I indeed need a better amp and some more pedals. We are going to play a gig with some other bands in our school in the future so I need some good suggestion for what I should get. We play rock n roll, cover ACDC, Radiohead and stuff like that.
btw, im not rich enough to get everything at the moment, so please also give a priority for each gear.
All of the following is totally subjective and my opinion only, but also my experience.

Upgrade your amp to a larger Fender Frontman like the 212R or any Marshall 100W valvestate or maybe even a Peavey Bandit (80W solid state). Maybe even a Line 6 spider series (at least 75 watts) because since they are poorly regarded you can get them cheap. You can get one of these used for under $225 USD if you look. It will hold up to gigs in small clubs with a drummer. Then you can spend money on other pedals or whatever. Use your ears, EQ it well, and don't worry that it's "not a tube amp" or that someone on a message board couldn't get it to sound good for them and therefore thinks "it sucks." Your ears are king.

Everyone else will try to tell you to save up $400, $500, or even more and get a tube amp. But for your situation I think that would be overkill. You're not rich and you're not gigging all the time or even playing with a drummer all the time.

You will find that even having something like the Frontman 212 which has two 12" speakers, it will be a little too powerful for practicing at home, volume at 2 or 3 at the most, but this will not be so bad to be unbearable. So an amp like this can kill two birds with one stone. Most of the tube amp guys end up having a little solid state practice amp at home because at bedroom volumes you can't crank up a tube amp and get the overdriven tube tone anyway. Plus the tube amps are friggin' heavy and somewhat fragile so you wouldn't wanna carry them around anyway.

You will definitely want to consider how big of an amp you get in the context of what do you have available to transport the amp. For instance if you don't have your own car, you will not want even a solid state amp that has two speakers. Amps get heavier the more speakers they have. And if you have to walk or take public transit with pedals, guitar, and amp like that it's not going to be fun.

Good luck and feel free to ask any more questions!

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You can find a used Peavey Bandit for under $150, great solid state amp. You might also want to consider a Line 6 Flextone. Their Spider series isn't well-liked around here but the Flextone is actually pretty good. Or, if you want to go tube, the 20 watt Jet City combo amp might be a good match. What's your budget?
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or you could get a used jet city 20 watt combo for a couple hundred.
I have a budget of about or little more than 200$ for amp maybe.. i live in Canada, things here are always more expensive than in US....
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New amp
A Peavey Valveking may suit your needs.

+1 for the Valveking, I'd suggest getting the 112 combo or the 212 if you can afford it, if not look for used ones. I think it will be fine for your style of music.

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