I think that Matt Greiner (August Burns Red) lives up to the hype that surrounds him. He's been my favourite drummer for a long time, and he's my biggest influence. His ability is undeniable.

Matt playing 'Composure' I need new pants........

RIP Tom Searle.
that video was rather unimpressive. Marco Pitruzzella from Brain Drill and John Longstreth from Origin are amazing as far as living up to the hype.
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Buddy Rich.
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Jojo Mayer definitely lives up to the hype. He's one of the few drummers I could sit and listen to all day.
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Danny Carey

This although SOMETIMES I feel like his drumming isnt enough. But obviously, still amazing.

And of course, Thomas Pridgen and Tomas Haake.
So many +1's for JoJo.
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Lars Ulrich is exactly as good as everyone says.
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Chad Smith and Questlove...

They both do what I think is important, and it's keeping the groove and keeping it simple.
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I don't even drum but my favorite drummers are Jerod Boyd, Matt Greiner, Travis Barker, Aaron Gilepsie, the drummer from Lower Definition and Mike Fuentes.

The old drummer of Lower D is Tino Arteaga who's in Of Mice & Men now.
Inferno from Behemoth is a pretty outstanding drummer in his genre. He's a lot more than "blast because I'm creatively lazy" like a lot of DM drummers are, he puts a lot more groove in his playing.
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Gavin Harrison is beyond amazing, way underated imo. One of the few drummers that are substantially better live then in the studio.I could watch this video 50 times a day and not get bored with it.
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Inferno from Behemoth, but George Kollias from Nile is even more astounding. He is flawless, even live.
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The old drummer of Lower D is Tino Arteaga who's in Of Mice & Men now.

well that's badass. I didn't know that until now. I'll mention a few more drummers, these three don't mainly play drums but they're talented multi instrumentalists. These three are Jimi Hendrix, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl.
Chris Adler of LoG
Inferno of Behemoth
George Kolias is a god.

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To be honest, a lot of drummers are either extremely over-hyped or very underrated, there's not a huge middle ground.

That said, I think a bunch of hyped drummers do live up to their reputation, like Gavin Harrison, Travis Orbin, Marco Minnemann, and Bobby Jarzombek
I'd say Mario Duplantier is a good one. I remember I kept hearing this guy go on and on about him and thought to myself he was probably overhyped, but then I put on some Gojira...
Obviously Blake Richardson and Moe from PTH..

But other than metal Assaf Seewi has got to be one of the most amazing drummers alive.. His drumstick juggling trick thing is amazing

5:57 (ignore the beatbox douchebag on the acoustic and bass)

It will blow your mind at how he stays in time.. But he's also a great jazz drummer.
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Marco Minnemann

We have a winner.
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He's incredible. Even his rants are groovin'

Was the bass at 0:10-15.... with one foot?
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Was the bass at 0:10-15.... with one foot?
Indeed it was, he uses a lot of doubles for single pedal stuff, generally with the slide technique I believe. He's definitely one of the most technically accomplished drummers alive.
^ Just because some of his song are just about being a beat box doesn't mean he doesn't have the skills to do more. A lot of tools songs have very complex percussion even when the basic ryhthem is easy.

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Danny Carey

Thants the 1st drummer that came to my mind. Well... I consider him more of a percussionist than a drummer because he doese more than simply keeping a beat.
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