I am borrowing a friend's Digitech PS200R-120 right now.

Output is 9.6V --- 300 mA

I just bought a Visual Sound 5-connecting daisy chain, will this adapter be enough to power these several pedals: TS-7, NS-2, and possibly the GE-7 and a guitar tuner pedal.

3 or 4 pedals in total?

Or do I need to get an adapter like the 1-spot Visual Sound 9v that has 1700 mA of output?
Unlike voltage, too much current supply is never a problem - the device will only draw what it requires.

Check the stickers on the back of each pedal and see if the sum of their mA draw is less than or equal to 300. If it's more than that, you need a bigger adapter.

Personally I'd go with a much larger one - say, 1500mA or so - because you're probably going to buy some more pedals at some point and, as I said before, having too much isn't a problem. Plus, a 1500mA and a 400mA are generally quite close in price.

Hope that helps.
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Well, I might ask my friend if I can keep this (he said he doesn't even use it), so it's pay about 20 for one or keep this one for free haha.

And on the top of my TS-7 it says DC9V8mA. Does that mean it only uses 8 mA? That seemed too low to make sense, and on the back it doesn't mention mA anywhere. And there is no mention of mA anywhere on my NS-2.
Have a look here for current draw of several pedals"

Typically, OD and fuzz draw very little power. Modulation effects draw quite a bit.
8mA sounds about right for the TS-7. Don't know about the NS-2 but my guess would be in the area of 25mA or less.

Look at the specs on the manufacturers web site or the product manual.


Tells you how to measure current draw.

And I would go with what bubb_tubbs said about adapters. Better to spend a few extra $$ for a better adapter.
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If it's free then just use it. Checkit every now and then and if it feels like it's getting hot then you'll know you need a PS with higher capacity. A PS will deliver more than it's rated current and heat up, possibly destroying it's internal components.
If you want the cleanest and best quality result from daisy chaining i'd suggest going with double the current your pedals require minimum, and getting a well regulated good quality power supply.

I dont imagine those pedals will take too much current, so itd probably work.

Analogue pedals usually take less than 100mA each, my wah runs on 0,9mA i believe...

But id suggest the one spot/visual sound, or if youre in the UK get this:
3000mA, the exact same power supply Diago rebrand and charge £50 for..
sorry to res this thread but i have the ps200r also and im wondering if this is safe to use with a BOSS metal zone? the pedal lights up fine but i don't want to burn out the components.
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