AMP: JCM 2000 DSL 100
Problem: It just stopped. All sound completely stopped. There is no noise going to the cab. Not even a fizz or buzz

Is it a fuse? Or is it a cable? The Tubes did not turn blue when I turned the stand by off.

I love my amp. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
Try the fuse first. Then tubes. If you have a tube amp you should always have an extra fuse and an extra set of tubes on hand.

Or just get a solid state amp so you don't have to deal with bull like this.

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I second that, I've repaired many amps that the only problem was a fuse.
Be sure to find and test all of them!
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wait did you try other cables?
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First of all, check that your power cable is all the way in the back. Second, like others have said, your fuse. Third, check the cable between the speaker and the cab since you have no sound whatsoever. Then we can talk tubes.
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Are your tubes lighting? If it's something with a fuse, I'd take it to a tech. If the fuse has blown, then there's something wrong somewhere to make it blow.

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