Thank you for reading. I need help. *I *have a schecter with a Floyd rose tremelo. I wanted to change tunings a lot so I blocked the bridge with two pieces of wood.*
It worked but I notice my tone sounds dead i dont know what's going on. Are the wood pieces deadening my strings?
Is the Floyd Rose's base plate parallel to the body?
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maybe take the wood out and see if it still sounds dead....?

alot harder than it sounds though
Its could be the wood you used to block it. Its better to use a hardwood such as maple. What your looking for is the best sound transfer and if your using a soft wood it will take out alot of the high and low pitch frequencies.
Did you take out the locking parts at the nut? If yes put them back. I had a dead tone for about a month after I blocked my trem and I couldn't figure it out until I put them back and suddenly all the problems gone.