i have a floyd rose on a guitar i got about a month or two ago. i think its a floyd rose special, if it matters.
whenever i use the whammy, i like it to be nice and tight, but recently whenever i use it, if i spin the whammy bar around the screw (like pushing out of the way, or mainly pulling it back) the bar gets really loose.
i read somewhere to take a slipt toothpick, downsize it, and put it somewhere. if this actually works, where? if it doesnt, andy easy fixes?
That's normal, do you mean it gets too loose? You could try tightening it with a tool but use a cloth so that you don't do any damage.
like, it swings down and hits my leg. i know its normal and all, its not broken. but is there a way to fix it?
just continue turning it clockwise, it's like a screw.
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If it's a FR Special or FR 1000 then the whole socket and collet assembly is essentially worthless. What I'm saying here is what happened to me within mere days of having purchased my LTD MG-1000FR...

Firstly, the arm's fit in the socket is way too loose and what's worse is this- see the tabs on the arm itself that are supposed to be held down by the collet? If your unit is anything like mine you'll see noticable wear on those tabs, and they may even be ground down completely. This happens because the collet pinches the tabs against the socket, and if you try to tighten it and move the arm, it is pinched even harder and will grind hard against both the socket and collet until it's completely vanished.

My best advice is to remove the socket, collet and arm and replace it with a Schaller one, which most large-ish guitar shops should keep in stock. Be advised, though- the socket is a bitch to get out.
Quote by nowa90
just continue turning it clockwise, it's like a screw.

i know, but when i actually use the tremolo, it turns the thing back to loose.

thanks to everyone, ill get a schaller
i presume you've tried tightening the cap screw on the underside of the tremolo that holds the arm in place?
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