They got highway ones. Mim ones. Special. 50's Which are god ones. I got a Mim hss. Which inlive but has horrible fret buzz. So I'm looking to get rid of it.
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What style of music are you playing? Also have you had the intonation and action checked out, your guitar might just need to be setup again.
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The Highway 1's weren't bad, but I personally don't like the look of the matte nitro finish. It looks cheap to me. But, it's a good way to get an American-made Fender for cheap (comparatively). A few months ago I picked up a new American Special and I absolutely love it. They replaced the Highway series and they cost about the same (if I remember correctly). It's American-made, has Texas Special pickups and a Greasebucket tone control, and it plays great.

What are you looking to spend?
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They can ALL be good. The trick is to go play a bunch and then pick the best one. Guitars within any particular brand/model can vary tremendously in regards to build quality/setup. You simply got a bad example of a MIM HSS strat. I've played some that were excellent.

Also, shims don't fix fret buzz. They have one purpose....to change the angle of the neck to the body. The only reason this angle needs to be adjusted is if you run out of adjustment range on the saddles (or simply don't like where the saddles end up......screws sticking way out of the saddles bothering your hand during palm muting).

Are you sure the neck is warped? Check the relief on both the High and Low E sides....if it's the same then the neck ISN'T warped.