People act weird when it gets closer to death. I mean natural death, dying of old age, not like accidental death or murder. My parents are acting weird. I now have a baby sister who is 20 years younger than me... I am not sure if my parents are aging 'successfully' or 'optimally' and I dont really know what the difference is.

What do you think successful aging means? Is it all subjective? Whatever one considers to be successful makes it so? Do we all have a different criteria for this or are there things we all agree on, for example health? But if you do end up losing your leg or something, you can still 'age' succesfully right?

Then wtf is optimal aging? Is this some universal standard that discludes disabled people or something? Certainly one can argue it is not "optimal" for one to be disabled or have health problems. Yet despite disabilities or health problems, people can still age successfully?

Share your thoughts and anything is welcome. Even religion or whatever people claim spirituality to be...
Where the hell did you get the term "optimal aging" from, anyway? I'm not even sure what you mean.
When some stranger on the internet says it is so, it must be so.
Maybe "optimal aging" as in "healthy aging"? I am taking a strange class full of old people I dont understand.
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Definitions of optimal aging and successful aging, pl0x? Your post made me wat.
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Definitions of optimal aging and successful aging, pl0x? Your post made me wat.

Maybe I am confusing as pie charts. But that is what I am asking. What is optimal aging and successful aging? I dont think there is such a thing. You just age and everyone does it differently.
Do you mean, some people take aging well, and others don't?
Confusing question is confusing.
I mean some people seem to age "well" and some people dont seem to. Do you agree and sort of see this? Just take your parents as an example or grandparents. Who would you say is aging better and what makes you say such things?
Well, I think I understand.
About my parents - my mum is definitely aging better than my dad. I say that because she's involved in sports, has a young-ish attitude, plays video games, I mean, she's not really old (hitting 50 this year) but compared to a lot of other 50 year olds, she appears quite youthful.

My dad on the other hand is a fat lazy slob who drinks. End.

I guess it depends on keeping healthy, having a young outlook on life, etc.