I just came back from a jazz band concert that I was playing in, and I am really fed up with my hands shaking when I am nervous and playing in front of a large crowd. It is really hard to improvise a solo when you are trying to keep your hands from sliding all over the guitar. Is there any way to remedy this? thanks.
If its nerves, you just need to keep doing it so you're no longer nervous. And paying attention to the sound helps keep your mind off of how nervous you are.
Honestly you either have to get use to it or do something that keeps you calm. I personally before i preform have a couple of vodka red bulls. Gives me energy and relax's you at the same time, not to many though cause being drunk and playing isn't good even if it seems it at the time and red bull goes through you like nothing. Although one of my old band members always use to "see" his girlfriend before he turned up so he was nice and calm.
i used to be the same way, would drink 2-3 beers before going on stage and just chill for a while it helped me, also turn your back the the crowd for a min and take a few deep breaths and just play

edit jazz band so prob not a good idea to be drinking at a school show, before jog a little splash some cold water on your face and just enjoy it, i used to get super nervous back in my marching band days it get easier with time/
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A few general tips on the nervousness: keep subjecting yourself to whatever makes you nervous, usually the anticipation is worse than the actual moment. Try to argue with yourself about where the nervousness comes from and what could actually go wrong. If you play a few bad notes, people probably won't boo you off stage, right? Also, each time you start to feel nervous, think back to how you performed last time and remember that you actually did good.

I would recommend against drinking since it will inhibit your performance, and even worse, you might get used to it and chances are you end up having to get smashed each time you want to perform. There's no easy way to get rid of fears than to face them head on.

Good luck!
My advice is practice hard and play well. Once you get the skill, even non guitar players will recognize that you know what your doing.

Personally, for me, the anticipation is alot worse than the moment. Once I start hitting strings, everything is smooth sailing
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