Hey, I borrowed my cousin's old Ibanez and it has a floating bridge on it. I was wondering if it could be adjusted to behave like a fixed bridge, because I like drop tunings. Im not so sure if its possible. Could anybody point me in the right direction?
So there is a quick way to do it. You take a block of wood and put it between the floating bridge brick that has the springs attached in the back and the edge of the chamber its in and you can then adjust the tuning without messing with the tremolo
Just FYI, a Floyd Rose and other systems like it are actually Floating Tremolos, not Floating bridges. Floating bridges are bridges that are not attached to the body and are only held in place by string tension. They're usually on Hollowbody guitars where it's a hassle to install some sort of fixed bridge.
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Oh, I didnt realize floating trems and bridges are referred to differently. Its definately not a floyd. Its an Ibanez tremolo, back from the mid 80's I believe. And thanks for the picture ricky, Ill give it a shot soon