Basically, I just finished a paper that is due tomorrow.
I have to have a header in the top right corner that has my last name and the page number.
I can get the page numbers to go up there, but when I try to add my last name, it deletes the page number as if I can only have one or the other.
Any quick help would be nice.
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Make the page number the footer instead. If you try to fit your name into a pagination it won't recognize what you're doing (or at least I think).
No, there's definitely a way to do it. Let me see if I can figure it out.

EDIT: what edition of word are you using, I got it to work in 2003.
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Ah, MLA format. Sucks. I cant ever get mine either. It has to be in the header. Not footer. I Turned a paper in today with 2 pages that both had "(my last name) 1"
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