The song is in my profile.

This is actually my first song, recorded with my cousin on keyboards.
Constructive criticism, pl0x.
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The song itself is good, though the guitar tone is harsh & ear-piercing for me. Guitar playing is pretty good, though sometimes could be tighter. I like the piano playing & the tone of the piano/keyboard is relatively good. The drum programming is OK, but the audio quality is not very good. If you could get better sound on the guitar & drums, this recording would be a lot more pleasing. Pretty good for a first song! Keep at it! Please review my music at this link:

Good song. Recording quality? Oh god.
^ agreed, keyboard has a nice tone, except for your chromatic breakdown dont let the piano sustain the notes, it creates too much dissonance.

First effort? Nice job!!
I can't say I agree with the posts above me. I felt the song went nowhere, the solos were unnecessary. I really expected more after hearing the first 15 seconds intro. Thought you were gonna go for some cool songwriting, but it's all just cliché riffs and solos.

I couldn't care less about bad tone since this is something money will enable you to have not skill. What counts for me is songwriting.
Hey man, sorry for the late reply.

I really liked the chord progression and lead, I would ease into the song bit differently though, maybe ease in the piano first then guitar, or vice versa. The really enjoyed the last solo and the piano interlude, well done. I'd work on the lead tone a little bit, maybe add a little reverb to the lead line following the piano interlude, but that's just and idea.
Good stuff.
Hey buddy, how are you?

So I'm gonna give you my review of the song - not the sound quality, you are probably aware that it's not that great and you're probably not going to release it that way ! You already heard that " piercing guitars, this could be played better, change your tone " and so on, so I'll focus on the song itself!

First of all, I hope you're leaving it instrumental, it's really great that way
I like the fact that it's your first song, you did some things "first writers" usually don't - intentionally or not - like sustaining a note over a verse or using a breakdown. Maybe it seems simple, but you're using it well.

The " main riff " ( 0:28 ) is pretty catchy, which is really important for an instrumental track. When there are no vocals, the listener needs something to remember, and it's certainly not going to be the pad of a song! :P

The songs flows pretty well, I'd let the note sustain more when the " breakdown " (1:35) starts. Then the "main riff" logically comes back at the end, the ending is kinda brutal. I'd piano-end it to make it slowly going to sleep, but that's just my opinion

The surprise factor is not there, but the quality of the song overcome this little bogus.


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I like the feel of the song, but I think you guys could have done a better job of it. Of course, the tones need a little bit of work but you have a solid foundation to build upon. I loved the way you guys worked with the keys and the guitars, sounds really cool but I think you guys just need to jam a little more and get more comfortable with the other instrument in the mix.

Really good job for a first attempt. Keep it up!

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i don't care about the recording quality of the tune. A good melody is a good melody regardless of recording quality. And i think the melody here is pretty good.

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