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I am writing a persuasive speech for school and I chose to write one about why the Electoral College system of choosing a president in the United States should be replaced with a plain popular vote.

I'm not asking for homework help, I'm just curious as to how the Pit feels on this issue. Do you like the current system, want a new system, or are you just indifferent? Personally, I don't care for the Electoral College and I have my reasons, I just want to see the reasons people have for liking or disliking it.

I'm a noob so I'll try and add a poll too, but thanks for giving this a look.
With the little political knowledge I have, it seems pretty damn stupid.
as long as we have the electoral college, technically every vote doesnt count

down with it!
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I don't like it because it's not democratic. Plain and simple.
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When it was first implemented, it was great. A nation that was so inefficiently connected needed something like the Electoral College to make sure votes were counted. In our current situation, however, we do not need that middle-man, and we would be better off without it.
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as long as we have the electoral college, technically every vote doesnt count

down with it!

That's kind of how I feel. If you live in a Red/Blue state that will vote with a particular party regardless of who is running, it makes you feel as if your vote doesn't really make a difference.

This is also my way of shamelessly bumping my thread back up for more views
we have the ability to voice our opinion nearly instantly literally at our fingertips. the electoral college is dated and obsolete 250 years in.
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Yes it is. It's not direct democracy, but still democracy.

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Wasn't this a topic like 2 days ago?

Ehh, I only check the Pit like once a week, so I wouldn't be suprised lol. But I know that the Pit has limitless wisdom, so I decided to turn to it in my time of need.
It's outdated. States like California for example, if you vote republican its basically useless. Same if you voted democratic in Texas.
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I am not really educated in politics but to me it doesn't make sense to have an electoral college. With todays current technology we should be able to represent ourselves pretty accurately (I know this isn't really anything to do with why we had an electoral college, but I mean its easy to get an accurate popular vote now).