I bought an Epiphone Dot Studio at Guitar Center and have had it for about a year. I never play it because I have an awesome Gibson Les Paul studio model and the Dot just doesn't compare. I was thinking about putting it on craigslist and wanted to know how much I should ask for it.

It has Tony Alva's (professional skateboarder) signature on the back of it, and he wrote "rock on". I originally paid around $180.00 for it. It was, and still is, in brand new condition.
Signed? 300$. And Bullshit a little about how it sounds awesome but you can't have two cause you have a gibson and its pretty much brand new.
$130 I'd say, just a random sorta stab in the dark. Just because it has a professional skateboarder's signature on the back wont make it worth anymore unless a skateboarding guitarist sees it on CL
well seeing how people that buy and sell stuff on craigslist have no understanding of depreciation and how it works, think of what you would like to get for it and double it
Thanks, you guys. I think I'll start out at $300, but I won't expect to get that. That would be perfect if some collector saw it, but I seriously doubt that there are any Tony Alva collectors anywhere in the world.
By listing it for $300 you'll easily pull more than if you listed it for less. I know you're thinking "duh" but what I mean is that by listing it for a higher starting price, someone who would've haggled you at $130 will probably be satisfied haggling you down to $200 thinking it's a deal off the $300 asking.
i'd say $300 but open to offers. you may get some real lowballers but hopefully you will get something decent
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