On June 9th I'm arriving in Italy and was wondering if you guys have any advice or tips for having a good time? I figured maybe some of you have gone there, I've seen a few Italian UGers every now and then, or since there's a lot of Europeans on this board, you guys might be more familiar with the culture than I.

I'm in Rome for about 3 days, then Tuscany, Venice and Florence (each for a day), then Rome for another day, then I leave.

Anybody know any good places I should check out for food, shopping, visiting, cheap Italian hookers and all the other essentials, I'm all ears.
Stay away from gypsies.
Be respectful to peoples' mothers. they're very serious about that.
Stay away from gypsies.
There are a lot of religious people. be respectful, even if you don't agree with their beliefs.
And stay away from gypsies.
If you follow these rules, your trip should be molto bene.

I have heard a lot of stories about gypsies doing terrible things to people, but I have never had a problem. I was only there for a week.
I'm also jealous. Italy would be my first choice of vacation if I were to visit another country.

Hope you have fun there.


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If you can, try to get a little drawstring bag you can put around your neck and keep under your shirt for your valuables. Especially in places like Venice.
Also, in Venice, you're pretty much a few wrong turns from leaving the crowded tourist areas. You'll realize you're there when the bridges are just plywood. Also, be sure to notice the giant billboard (it was dolce & gabbana when I was there) in St. Mark's square.

EDIT: Be prepared to hit a ton of language barriers. Italian is incredibly regional. Even if you don't bother trying to speak italian. I tried ordering Bruschetta in Venice. It took a good minute for the guy to realize I wanted the "Brusketta"
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I'm in Roma for about 3 days, then Toscana, Venezia and Fiorentina (each for a day), then Roma for another day, then I leave.

use their italian names, it automatically gives you +10 culture points
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1. You arrive on my sister's bday!
2. You lucky &*(*%
3. Please, PLEASE for the love of god take some time to take in the architecture, and just general gorgeous artistic aesthetic of the place.
4. If at all possible, could you seek out some Futurism? They were crazy bastards who produced some wicked works. And their manifesto is hilarious
I want to read your essays and blogs of the artistic nature!

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- Rene Magritte
Take pictures and post in the pit. I'm sure lots of people here would enjoy this.
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All you really, really need to do in Venice is walk around. It's amazing. Visit the Ghetto, or if it's not crowded, the Doge's palace and St Mark's Cathedral (go up top to the museum). But really just being in Venice is the best. I went there over the holidays and it was disgustingly cold but it's the neatest city I've ever been in.

In Florence, of course you must see David (get in line early) and climbing the Duomo dome is fun (but like 500 steps).

Really there's nothing you can do wrong, so enjoy!
If only summer rain would fall, on the houses and the boulevards
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With the roar of cars and the lulling of the cafe bars,
The sweetly sleeping sweeping of the Seine...
My advice is to just wander. See what you have to see (coliseum, vatican city, etc.) but explore each city by yourself, find those back alley restaurants and pubs that the locals go to.
it's meh. seriously.
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I know that you don't drink. But the wine is legendary.

Other than that just have fun and enjoy the atmosphere. Its a place of incredible history. It inspired Western culture.

Some pictures would be cool too.
advice to you from a half-italian:

In Venice by the Basilica di San Marco (big church near the tower,defo worth seeing) if you go and drop your backpack off at this office place that's nearby you get a ticket that makes you skip the HORRIFYINGLY large queue. ask one of the people who work there...at least it worked for me.

not much to say about the other cities :p , just wander about you'll like it. enjoy the food. The pizza won't be THAT amazing since your going to northern-mid places but won't be dreadful by all means haha. have a good time
Dude, I'm arriving in Italy that day too. I'm going to all the places you are too! Only after that I'm going to Greece for another week. Going there to study Psychology!