hey guys, so i just saw this:


and im rally thinking of jumping on that now....

i do realizeid be paying for the guitar for 3 years, but this is also the perfect oppritunity for me to buy a les paul custom, because i dont see myself having 4300$ at one point in time untill im 40.

if i did the math right, and i payed every 2 weeks for 36 months, i should be paying 30-36$/month. right? please correct me if im wrong.

but im seriously considering this, what do you guys think? im going to go this weekend and inquire about it, but i may end up actually doing this i think.

btw heres the guitar. with 13% taxes it comes out to roughly 4300$

Don't finance a guitar... If you don't think you'll ever have $4,300 by the time you're 40, how do you plan to pay for a car? Random medical bills? etc.
I probably wouldn't do it. I don't have the same taste in music as I did 3 years ago and am now playing something different on a different guitar. If you went through with this you would just be stuck with the thing until it's paid off. I wouldn't like the restriction. I'm always looking on craigslist for trades I could make and stuff.


I just got the new Guitar Center ad in the mail and the new gibson les paul studios look pretty nice. The studio series never appealed to me, but these new ones have P90s (or some other similar pickup I can't remember) and a variety of attractive finishes, including gold top. The only reason you should buy a new guitar in my opinion is if it's something that's limited and you won't find it used, or if it's a new release like the new studios that you can't find used yet. Just save your money and find a used les paul.
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By the way, $4300 / (36 months) = $119.44 a month.

And you didn't factor in any interest they are charging.
i think im good on an amp, peavey 6534+ halfstack :S if my profile still says differently then i need to get around to changing that....

and ya i agree the styles im playing now i may not be in 3 years, but something like a les paul isnt a one trick pony guitar.

and something like 60$/month wont kill me. i make more than that in a month anyways and would still be able to pay for my current expenses along with any suprise expenses that may occur later'

EDIT: ok my math was wrong, 120$ a month may not work out for me then.
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I would be very careful about financing something like that.

Things of that nature tend to be bundled with near predatory interest rates and balloon payments. You might well pay far more then the instrument will ever be worth.

If anything pay it off within six months to a year or the interest will eat you alive
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just buy used from someone. you'll save a lot more money