I've recently decided to upgrade my gear, so I picked up a new standard strat, but now I need something that'll handle my heavier tones a little better. Originally I was looking at a Gibson Les Paul Studio, maybe with a pick-up swap. However, the new Charvel Pro Mod guitars caught my eye recently, particularly the So Cal. The features seem quite impressive for an instrument in it's price range. That being said, I'm still looking for versatility, as well as solid construction quality. Does anyone have experience with these guitars? And, if so, will they handle a decent range of tones (I tend to play a more moderate high-gain tone. Somewhere around Coheed and Cambria). I'm also mildly concerned about the floyd, as I tend to rest my wrist on the bridge when I play. The trem is raised enough that it may be uncomfortable. I plan on trying one first either way, but I have to special order one in to do so. Thanks for the input.
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On topic: why would you get the So-cal when you could get the san-dimas that doesnt have the pickguard? i expect that this may turn into another old vs new "company X" debate, but I dont know too much about charvel other than they are pretty and I can't afford them.
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as for the so-cal vs. san dimas, they are pretty much the same but the so-cal has dimarzios and a pickguard where the san dimas has seymour duncans. just preference.

i have a charvel san dimas production model from back in 2009 and boy it plays like a dream. i played a pro-mod too and they are pretty much the same playing wise so you'll be fine with that.

as for the floyd with resting your wrist on it. i only had a gibson les paul standard (plus a dean evo) before my charvel was added and when i tried playing the charvel i never played a floyd rose equipped guitar before. took me five minutes to get used too. on my les paul i used to push my wrist down but now that i also have the charvel i really learned to only lightly rest it.

i normally have trouble really adjusting to things so my five minutes are eigther a lucky shot or it's just easy to adjust too
in the end the gibson les paul studio is a safe choice too only you'd have to swap pickups probably. ask yourself if you've got the patience for setting up a floyd rose, if not go for the gibson.