So I'm planning out the direction I'd like to take each of my guitars and I've looked through countless youtube videos and reviews. I'd like to get some opinions on my prospective choices. I have an RG2550e, I have a 93 S540fmtt on the way and I'm building a 96 s470. Here are my guitars, pickups I'm considering, and what I intend to use them for.

RG2550e, basswood - hard rock, shred stuff (ie; Paul Gilbert), but still able to do cleans
Pickups - Tone Zone, Air Norton combo

S540, mahogany - classic rock and bluesier stuff
Pickups - Super Distortion, Air Zone

S470, mahogany - mule, needs to be versatile
Pickups - Seymour Duncan JB set

I'm still planning and I'm a huge Dimarzio fan. I don't know much about Duncans but from what I've heard they seem pretty versatile. I've always wanted a Tone Zone/Norton combo and PG has used them in tons of RGs so I'm sure they'll sound good in basswood. I need opinions on the S540 since I've only seen demos of the Super Distortion in mahogany les pauls and they seem to sound pretty good, while I'm not sure about the Air Zone. What about the versatility of the JBs or should I be looking for some different Duncans?

Side note: I'm not super rich and so it'll probably be a while before I have all 3 sets but I'm making this thread to plan out my directions so I don't end up with 3 of the same guitar.
Dont know about your budget, but you should also check out BKP.

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