So I've been playing for the last two months pretty much every day now, usually 1-2 hrs a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, and at first I exponentially increased my technique and ability to play; however, now, it seems I'm stuck in a rut technique wise, and I don't know how to get out. Songs I want to learn are too technical for me to get right every time at very slow bpms (40bpm for instance), so i find myself going back to beginner songs and picking them up quickly.

Here's what I consider that I can play reasonably well that are indicative of my skill level:

Pentatonic Scales in all keys and all positions except keys where I have to backtrack positions (ie 4, 5, 1, 2 3 position orders) (i'm working on it)
Norwegian Wood
Here Comes The Sun
Smells like Teen Spirit
Sweet Child O' Mine intro
Welcome home intro
Misery Business verse/intro
First part of pirates of the Caribbean theme
Rock And Roll by Zeppelin (decently), verse etc (no solo)
Black Dog intro
Crazy Train intro
Pinball Wizard verse etc
Unholy Confessions intro

I'd really like to learn much more technical stuff, and I've tried slowing it down but I just can't get it to sound right at all. I guess you could say I'm stuck and I don't know how to bridge the gap between beginner to intermediate. What can I learn/do? I also have a lot of trouble focusing into learn a full song if it's not the same pattern over and over again. I seem to get lost in the music trying to learn most songs past the intro. The tab just becomes gibberish either cause I cannot hear the music or it just doesn't make sense to me. I have a copy of tabtoolkit for ipad and i use it but it doesn't really help me that much. How do you guys work to learn FULL songs?
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download tuxguitar and download guitarpro files of the songs your learning and it will play the tab for you and it's much easier to follow and it's free... i find it so much easier to learn that way and you can also slow the track down as well as isolate the part you are trying to learn.
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trylearning the notes of the fretboard and then learning what notes are in the major and minor scales and playing by the notes instead of by patterns... this will eliminate your trouble with moving down positions...

learn songs in their entirty this will force you to learn the licks and riffs in the songs makeing other songs that use similar licks and riffs (believe it or not there are a ton of songs that share riffs and licks with slight alterations or in different spots) thus making learning new songs easier.

finish learning Rock n Roll, since you're almost done (you just need some tightening up and the solo) then I'd finish learning either sweet child or pinball wizard, neither are too increadibly difficult (at least I don't find them as difficult as crazy train or welcome home and I never looked into playing black dog)

also what techniques do you know how to use? (ie hammer ons, pull offs, slides, bending etc...)
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Yeah pretty much any guitar pro reader or songsterr but I think you have to pay on songsterr for it to slow it down.

But basically it's just gonna take some time. Focus on practicing proper technique and slowing things down so that you can play them perfectly clean. Speed will come with accuracy just stick with it.
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you can alsoooo learn some chords that will help you not get lost in music, theres more to it then just learning scales. Try some simple blues shit its fun you can develop technique, some rhythm, and its different than everything youve listed. so get out of your comfort zone
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That list reminds me a lot like myself a few months ago. I ended up getting a teacher for a few lessons but my advice is:

Practice exercises to a metronome, good way to build technique and sense of rhythm. <------This seems to be your problem. You need to learn how you fit in time with the other instruments. I noticed that you've only learned songs that have distinct guitar melodies and rhythms (so you're playing based off of memory of the riff and not truly syncing yourself with the other instruments). Are you playing along with songs?

Learn easier, slower style solos. Maybe some pop punk stuff, blues licks, etc. I got started playing lead this way.

Buy a DVD or book perhaps? Though for beginner-int. there is still plenty of online stuff.