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Stereo will work better.
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I don't have any actual recording software at the moment, but what I do instead is record with my iPod's video camera and use "YouTube Downloader" to convert the file to an mp3.
However, I've discovered that I can manually input the parameters for the conversion, and the one that I'm asking about is Stereo or Mono.

I converted the .mp4 that my iPod recorded to a 320kbps 44100Hz STEREO track and a 320kbps 44100Hz MONO track and I couldn't hear a difference, but I was wondering if there is any problems that can arise from having a lot of stereo tracks mixed together.

I treat these exported files as the guitar tracks that I use for recording songs, meaning I mix them to varying degrees of left and right.
So, my question is, should I convert my guitar tracks to mono or stereo sound, does it not matter?

Sorry if all of that is a little hard to understand.
Well, if you record in mono(single track), then your not gona hear any difference, in stereo, if you have any panning going on, it allows panning to each side to work, if you ran a track that has panning in it in mono, then everything would just run up center and you wouldn't get that one sound to the left, and another sound to the right.

It's always a good idea to render your recordings in stereo since it just has better quality as a MP3.
So, when I get my mp3 files of the guitar recordings I should just convert them in stereo?


Like this:

iPod Video File > conversion > Output as Stereo mp3 file

rather than

iPod Video File > conversion > Output as Mono mp3 file
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To my understanding, stereo has better sound quality for most common audio file types. I would go stereo.
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Quote by Bridge_H
To my understanding, stereo has better sound quality for most common audio file types. I would go stereo.

You're understanding is a misunderstanding. It makes no difference to something recorded in mono, it just unnecessarily increases the file size by having two channels (of the same thing) instead of one. You're iPod will almost certainly record in mono as I highly doubt Apple would put a stereo mic in there!
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I am pretty sure that an ipod have only one mic so your output should be mono. It (by "it" i mean saving it as a stereo file) won't add magical "stereo data" to your mono signal if the device records in mono.
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