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Like computer programs that simulate drumming?

Yes, I like them. Why do you ask?
EZdrummer and Superior Drummer will be the most common ones, though both of those are fairly expensive, as well as Addictive Drums. There's something for free that I found called Drumtrack, also, still trying to figure out how to work it though.
I like EZDrummer. It does what the name says: it's a very easy to use drum program with fairly good samples. Downside is that you're limited to whatever each separate kit offers you; mixing samples from two different kits is a bit of a hassle. I'm looking to try out Superior Drummer, see what that's like.

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I would love to find some good free shit as well. I'm not a drummer but I do a lot of drum programming for my recordings, and I need some good samples and a program that offers better panning flexibility than XPand2.
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I've got Superior Drummer, killer software if you've got the cash, I've heard Steve Slate's stuff is great as well, but haven't tried that
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