My Peavey OCC only has a bridge pickup... I quite despise only having a bridge pickup. IMO the neck pickup is FAR superior for leads... anyway: How much would it cost, and how long would it take, for me to cut out a pace for and install a neck pickup. FYI I'm undecided on single coil or humbucker bridge. If its a single coil: Probably a Fender Noiseless Pickup, if its a humbucker: EMG 60
not to discourage you but I think making that extra cavity also means refinishing your guitar :s
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Quote by guitardWARf
not to discourage you but I think making that extra cavity also means refinishing your guitar :s

Cheaper to just buy one that comes with a neck pickup?
the cost of that would be depending on the tools you have and how good you are at using it
if you have a router or similar tool it might take a few hours
i have no idea how much it owuld cost to have someone else do it

also if you dont have an emg in there already you need to put in one in the bridge(or else th ewiring gets kinda tricky) but if you do have an emg in the bridge go with the 60 becuase to put in thte passive pups youd have to change the pots and stuff
Based on what has been said, I am already considering just dumping my funds into a guitar that comes with a neck pickup, lol.
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I would just sell it or trade for something else.

Do you think I could actually get someone to give me a different guitar for my Peavey OCC? Google Peavey Orange County Choppers. Then get back to me.
is it the $300 starter combo one?

i would try selling it first,
but if you couldnt, go to harbor freight if you live in the US and buy a router, then return it when youre done with it

im sure you could route a humbucker cavity with a little practice on some plywood, then a pickup ring would cover any chips around the actual cavity from the router
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Yes, its that little starter package one.

How much do you think I could get for it on craigslist?
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