Mine currently leans back a little(too much spring tension). After I make the adjustments to get it parallel with the body, will pulling on the bar all the way make my strings snap? I'm using .009s and it feels like they'll slip out of the saddles if I make the bridge parallel.
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mine dont.

i can bend up a step and pull back on the bar all the way and the string wont break
I recommend switching to atleast .010s

I have .010s on my FR guitars, the bridge is level with the body and I can pull the bar all the way up or push it all the way down without them breaking.

I once had a weird accident, where pushing the bar completely down made one of the springs in the back just snap out of place, had to re-adjust my entire bridge again to correct it.

But other than that I've never had a string break or anything when using my FR. Granted, I don't use it that much though
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If the strings don't slip when you have it leaning back, they most certainly won't slip when the bridge is parallel.
Just make sure they saddles are tight (don't overtighten them <- important!, but if they slip, it's not tight enough obviously )

edit: I'm using 9's on both my FR-equipped guitars and I've never ever had any problems whatsoever
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