i was wondering is there any body who could help me setup guitar rig 2, im having some problems setting it up. i foollowed the instructions (by the way im just using a cheap behringer guitar to usb device im borrowing from a neighbour) and i set it up as follows

and im getting nothing

my neighbour also has the original 2004 guitar rig kontrol foot pedal (these are all her brothers whose backpacking at the moment so i cant ask her) which apparently can be used with guitar rig even though its only got audio input and output jacks on the back and no usb socket and given that i thought guitar cables only pick up the magnetic vibrations from pickups and the amp converts them into a loud sound how you could manipulate the volume and wah and presets with the pedal. i was wondering if i could set this up with a behringer guitar to usb cabl
hey bro.

in the window you have up, click on ASIO Config, click on the ASIO tab and change system performance to 'normal', and application priority to 'high'. this could make a difference?
Download the ASIO4All drivers, it will help you a ton

Also, upgrade to Guitar Rig 4
Derpy Derp Derp Herp Derp
You want the input to be the Behringer USB and the output to be your onboard sound card.
im not gettiing that at all

also just following on from that rig kontrol question how does the rig kontrol pedal control different pedals on the oprogram if all youre plugging in is a guitar lead
The input is where the DAW is getting the signal from (guitar via USB adapter thing) and the output is where it plays the sound back to (your speakers that are plugged into your soundcard).