I will go through it part by part as I listen.

MASSIVE tuning issues at the beginning, seriously something's hugely wrong.
The drums are awful, deffinitely not spread out across the mix enough and the drum machine is pretty bad...
I like the distorted guitars, nice tone and I'm glad you actually double tracked (=
The Bass is faaaar too low in the mix, you need to bring it up loads...
Really not keen on the Lead tone, the melodies are nice but the tone is horrible.
Love the solo near the end, especially the harmony and tone's really nice as well (=
Left guitar skips near the end where you've blatently started another track and not mixed it in well.

All in all the song's decent, the mix isn't bad but the biggest thing you need to remember is that any mix starts with the drums, if they sound shit then there's nothing you'll be able to do to make the rest sound decent...
Sorry about being so critical, I just want you to get better and that always involves improving stuff,
Would like to hear it with vocals (=