So I should have this guitar arriving to my door sometime today. Just wondering if anyone here has played one before and can give their thoughts on it. Nowhere near me sells them so I couldn't try one before I buy but I done a lot of research with reviews/demos and stuff. the only thing is, most of these were from the earlier model, the D10s, which has been discontinued. Obvioulsy I tried to buy that first since it won acoustic guitar of the year in... 2009 if I can remember, but nobody had them in stock so I went with the newer model. Thanks

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I used to own a D10sce. It wasn't fantastic but was good for the price.

Congrats on the ne purchase.
I won a WD10S from an opening sale of a local store. It's got great tone, beautiful sound and looks to match.
not great, but not bad, either - definitely a good value.
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