Too lazy to look if this threads been made before. So I said screw it, I'll just make it.

So at the risk of becoming a complete flop, here it is :


Pretty self explanatory...write about weird/funny/lucid/****edup dreams you had.

And I shall lead :

Last night was the first time I ever Lucid dreamed and 'twas awesome!
Not gonna get into much detail of the dream (let's just say I screwed everything that moved) but at the end of it I tried to fly and ended up free falling from a balcony
Mad scary dream last night!!

There was a dude who had, like, knives for fingers and he was all burnt and shit
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80% of my dreams over the last couple of years seem to have centered around some form of apocalyptic event, triggered by either a massive war or an invasion of something extraterrestrial. Strange, but they're usually more fun than scary....except the one time when I stopped lucid dreaming and just had an hour long dream of my being tortured to death next to people I care about by some faceless humanoids. Freaked shit out of me.

It seems like most of everyone's dreams are nightmares lol

Also I always wanted to have a zombie apocalypse dream, shit would be awesome man!
Mk, so after youtubing all of this lusic dreaming, i kinda understand bout how to do it, but not really. And everyone gives these lady-daa p***y answers.

basically, im looking for someone to give me a proper structure into preparing and starting ludic dreaming.

Eg, i'm just trying to remember my dreams now, of which is the first step many people have said to undertake BEFORE actually being in a lucid dream. also told to keep a journal and crap.

Would be nice to hear a method of progression of how people should get into it.

Refer to my previous post.
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