Hey, just wondering what you'd do about this deal...

I've managed to find a Blackstar DX1 (I'm Guessing it's actually a Dist-X 1) used for $100 AUD ($300 new) from a reputable guitar store... which seams like a steal.

I play high gain rock, metal, and prog stuff. I range from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Black Sabbath, Led Zep, System of a Down, Tool and Karnivool (Meshuggah/Tool influenced) sounds.

I don't know if there'd be any better choice for a $100 pedal in Australia, but are there any other pedals people can suggest for metal distortion?

I'm curious to see how heavy this thing gets and how versatile it will be. I wonder if it can even get a little djenty, but I'd definitely need an eq to achieve that. I like using full chords, and a good degree of clarity is ideal.

Thanks. Hopefully the pedal doesn't get snapped up before the weekend
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what amp do you have now?

if you have a modeller, definately dont get it :P i think that should go with out saying.

depending on what ap you have people may be able to suggest what would work better, for example if you already have an amp with gain you may want an od pedal rather than a full on distortion pedal.
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Nah, no modelling ATM apart from revalver on the PC.

Now I have a Blackstar HT-1.

I'd probably look at BS HT Venue- 60s, 100s, Peavey 6505, 5150, Ultras etc. when I need to step up though to a live sound, and you're right, they probably have tons of gain on tap and won't need a pedal.

Is it still handy to have? Another texture perhaps?
A friend has a Groove Tubes Soul O' Slave 75, with clean, crunch and scream channels, and runs an Emma Ressafratzitz or whatever it's called to boost it, so I kind of got the pedal idea there.

A used TS-9 is $170 there... but it's the 808 that's legendary isn't it?
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