hey guys,

i'm looking for an all tube head to gig with in a ska/indie band but that still has enough usable gain to play metal in my spare time
i'm willing to go used (would actually prefer it) and open to spend about 1000 euros
i live in france and go to university in scotland
i'm looking for an amp that can gig but that can also be turned down because i live in an apartment and i'll have roommates (so i like the switchable wattage the TH30 has)

so far the thunder 30 seems to be the best option with the blackstar HT20H as a close second
the only real problem being the little control over the tone (the shape knob really isn't amazing) but that can easily be fixed with an EQ pedal, the cleans on the other hand are great as they are

so before i put down my money on this does anyone have any suggestions for anything else?
i'll be playing this with a gibson les paul
thanks guys
The th30 is a great amp, make sure you get a matching cab, it will compliment it very well. A set of jj's tubes/valves will really open it up. I was wary of the shape knob, but it does the amp justice. I use an eq and eq the piss out of it and get some great tones. there are a lot of really good low watt heads out there. check out the vox ac30 an the low watt kranks too.
I thought the cleans on the Thunder 30 weren't that great, but the Dirty channel is awesome.
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I thought the cleans on the Thunder 30 weren't that great, but the Dirty channel is awesome.

The cleans are really something else - beautiful and harmonically rich. It was the old Rocker 30 that had dull uninspiring cleans. they fixed this with the TH30.

I fully reccomend the TH30, great tones even at bedroom levels.
You have it one about the EQ pedal, I have dialed in my perfect clean and distorted tone.

You may want to use a compression pedal too, makes a big difference with this particular amp, but as you are using a LP you will get compressed mids naturally.

Superb effects loop... the list goes on
Its a great amp, it deserves the good rep it gets.

The cleans are beautifull imo, i used to have a VC30 (poor womans ac30, so its made for cleans), I prefer the cleans on the orange. Thats a huge accomplishment for Orange.

Maybe its a little modernly voiced for indie stuff, the crunch isnt as good as the mid/higher gain tones. But a good OD pedal will sort that out.

Though, 7 watts is louder than you think... It still bearly gets past 2 on the volume dial.
The cleans are dark at low volumes, but at high volumes it sounds a lot better.
A friend of mine recently got one. It's great, but I doubt it's what you are looking for. The clean headroom is pretty limited, the clean channel gets crunchy between 10 and 11 o'clock on the volume dial, so I don't know if it'll be enough to provide stage volume on big stages. For pub gigs and the like it's certainly sufficient though.

The distortion sounds great, but it's not a metal amp. At all.

It does sound sweet at low volumes though, I can tell you that much.

I have a feeling that for the tones you want, an Engl Screamer would be much much better.