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I walk along, singing till my throat bleeds
I play my part until you say you're gunna lead
this is my best I cannot understand you
I've changed my mind now tell me what you're gunna do

I approach the inevitable without fear
I surprise the forgiving that I hold dear
I leave behind the consideration from you
I take a risk, ill win, you'll lose
I untie the molecular structure of you
I admire the electrical spark of youth
I can try to understand points of view
what lately what else can I do

i don't care what they say, things don't ever go my way
I want this, I want that, but noooooo

lay me down, and forget about today
just for once, don't miss just go away
you try and hold everything but me
but not now, I'm not ready for your lies
the only one who sees behind blue skies