Hey Pit - So who is all going to Kapow! in London this weekend?

I am, and I cannot wait!

Apparantly you need to q to get into panels etc - which ones will you be q'ing for??

I def want to get into the Thor panel!

Nope, But I went to supanova last weekend!

Was awesome, are you cosplaying TS?

I'm starting on a pyro costume for next year cause I'm that much of a nerd.
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No, I'm not cosplaying. I'm dragging my boyfriend and i think that might be the final straw. There is a cosplay ball on the sunday though.

Its at the business design centre in islington.
Oh right, I was thinking about the Anime/Comic/Games one in the Excel though that ain't till May I believe.
ah wish i could go
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...Its at the business design centre in islington.

For real? When?

Is it the actual Comic Con they have in San Diego, CA?

Is anybody from The Simpsons or Futurama or American Dad! or Family Guy or the Cleveland Brown Show or South Park or Red Dwarf or anyone like that appearing? (Star Trek/Buffy/Pushing Daisies and The Terminator movies too.) Hehe.
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My boyfriend came to London with me but didnt go to the Con. He will be going next time - he was a bit gutted when he saw how good it was!

Trebor - its the british version of the american one, though really nothing at all to do with it. Think it was jonathon ross's wife and mark miller who did it all. It was truly brilliant.