extended release friend
that keeps me always fitting in
I hope I understand
that it's not me I want to hide
It's what I make me do
and say or never ever even
pay attention to.
My deficit is one
that only ever holds me back
but since I met my friend
I have moved forward to attack
and with you by my side
my woe's are guaranteed to end
and that is why I love
my little pale blue-grey friend.

I haven't written anything I feel is worthy to be read and honestly critiqued on here, so I decided I'd put this up here.
It's something I wrote about my ADHD medication :P Very simplistic rhyming schemes and pattern was intentional, it's not supposed to be taken at anything more than face value :P
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I guess it's okay for what it is. I think you writing exactly what it was about in the paragraph above was a mistake, as it took all the mystery out of it, and I don't think it's strong enough to add anything after that. It's like a bad trailer for a movie, taking all the fun parts, and showing you before hand. If you felt it was needed just stick it at the bottom I guess.

But I like the idea, I think it could just use a little more color and personality. Maybe one or two specific examples of your ADHD behavior.
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