Well, up for sale is my beloved TMD-2. This thing is a beast, even if its name is slightly misleading; don't think for a second that it can only do metal.

This is a TS clone type deal, but with an added "bright" switch which really sets it apart from many others. It's a tone monster. I won't bother reviewing it, but there are enough comments on it on the internet from various people for you to see. (Bear in mind that the TMD-1 is exactly the same pedal, except for aesthetic differences.)

I don't have any decent pictures of it just now, but I'm going to be taking some soon - I just need to wait until my camera's finished charging. So I can provide pics at a later date, or on request.

Price: £70 shipped within the UK. The item wiill be shipped the day after I receive payment. Payment should ideally be made through PayPal or bank transfer (though the latter will take longer). Outside of the UK, we'll discuss and I'm sure we can come to an arrangement. Price will be £67 + shipping if you're outside of the UK.