Theres always people arriving, departing
when I am a fixture on the bedroom floor
but I wouldn't mind if you stayed by my side
and you whispered soft melodies into my mind
Cause I have a virus and you have the cure
but theres some calls you answer and some you ignore
and I think that I'd like to stay here tonight
and maybe I'll wake to your afternoon eyes
watching me sleep, locking our breath
into rhythms and measures, minutes and seconds
maybe we'll kiss like the inuits
and maybe our bodies can just exist
I strung a wire that connected our chests
just to hear your pulse at the other end
theres always people with edges obscuring
faces the same, full names made boring
I'd like to take all the smiles you gave
lay them all out, learn all their names
whats captured on camera can never be changed
they're all so different and we're both the same

so lay still, don't leave
you feel like a part of me.