What feedback you have on this amp? Vox AD50VT-XL

I want the Jet city amp but 20 watt is not enough for playing with drum!!50 watt jet city it's over 800$..

Vox AD50VT-XL is 400$ everyone here try this amp?
The XL version is like the br00tz version of the normal VT models.
I had a VT50. But do to circumstances beyond my control, I lost it. Loved it though.
I'd get the Vox.
Yea I owned the advt100xl and it was a nice amp for the price I paid for it, they stopped making them due to they didnt sell lol, but there decent the downside of the 50 watt is no efx loop and vts really benefit from eqs in the loop, but its an easy mod you can find out more at valvetronix.net.

EDIT- WHOA do not buy that amp for $400 bucks they closed these amps out for $300 and under last year.
The 50 watts not not even worth $400 new!
I bought my 100 watt for $300 new dont get ripped off.
Also 20 watts tube should get over a drummer easily.
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A 20 watt valve amp should have no problem getting over a drummer.

I like the proper valvetronix, i tried the XL version once, hated the thing, 2000 brootz amp models and only 2 of them sounded half decent.

The Jet city 20 watt are a good price..Head+Cab and de Vox amp is Just amp with 2x12 speaker!!Not full tone...The jet city is full tone...

If 20 watt is good to playing with drum the jet city seems to be a very good choice!But the Vox amp seem really good too!

Vox Valvetronix VT40+ Seems very good more different than Valcetronix 50?
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I'd get the Jet City. You shouldn't have any problems getting over drums.

I like VT ok, but the Jet City is better IMO.
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