So I have a flextone II plus (I also play through my dads 6505+ but he doesn't let me gig with it so...) I've gigged with my flextone lately and need a bit more and was looking around and supposedly the Flextone II has a built in 50 watt amp for adding on the flextone II cab.....now I'm all for buying the flextone II cab but it's hard to get ahold of SO my question is.... How does it power the cab exactly? Is it just like a regular head to cab style thing where you just run a 1/4 cable from the speaker outs on the back of the amp straight to the cab and it still fully powers it with 50watts or did line 6 do that thing like they did with the foot pedal where you can ONLY use their footpedal to switch presets (darn you line 6 because I want to do that but don't have a freaking $300 for a footpedal) or will it work with any cab so I could just use any cab I get ahold of (that can handle 50w of course)?
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