Hey guys, I have a chance to buy a B.C. rich Platinum pro Warlock, I do not know much about I tried to find someting on the web but didn't find anything helpful. Could someone tell me if its good quality, what does it sound like and how much is it worth, Thanks ever so much. Here's what it looks like http://inlinethumb10.webshots.com/48329/2719636680104216621S600x600Q85.jpg
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Everything BC Rich does gets a lot of hate around here, but I love my NJ Series BC Riches. I can't say I'm familiar with anything below that other than the bronze series, which tend to be pretty bad.
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I love my Special Edition Warlock (roughly equal to NT series, but with fancy design) My Platinum Beast is of a little less quality to be honest, not necessarily worth the full new price.

The warlock in your link looks cool! It looks like it has the B.D.S.M pickups and those really have a hot output!

How much are you going to pay? Be sure to check the fretboard in any case!
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Thats an early 90's platinum.

Made in Korea, plywood body. The tremelo was not as bad as the standard platinum series. They werent great.

Worth about £100.
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warlocks look so much better with a six in line headstock like that than the new double pointed 3 a side sorta ones
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