im looking to start playing guitar again, with a new guitar, but im unsure what would be good for me.
i would like to play pop-punk style, but others aswell, so i guess versatility is a plus.
the budget is a rather small £200 GBP or under, possibly over with good reason.

What's your current gear?

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Hmm yeah but if you only have 200 pounds for both you're not going to find much unless you hit the jackpot on the bay. I'd say sell what you have for whatever amount of money you have an look for a Squier HSS strat, and get the shop to set it up properly before you buy it.

Fender Strat
PRS SE Custom 24
Agile AL-3100

Jet City JCA50H
Randall 2x12 wV30s
Looked at a chapman ML-1?
Running through:

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If i was to save up to a higher budget, what would be a good amount? And what guitars are there in that price range?
EDIT: i heard that the necks on les pauls are rather thick, would that be bad for a beginner?
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Looked at a chapman ML-1?

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EDIT: i heard that the necks on les pauls are rather thick, would that be bad for a beginner?

Actually, when I'm just playing chords I prefer a neck that's a little thicker. It fills my hand a little better and feels more comfortable for me. Thinner necks are better for soloing because (in general) it's easier to move around faster. As a beginner you'll be mostly strumming chords, so I think you'd like the neck of the Les Paul.

And when people say it's thicker, you have to understand that they're comparing it to other guitars that have ultra-thin necks. It's not like only people with huge hands can play a Les Paul. I actually have small hands and I own a '57 reissue Les Paul Goldtop (which has one of the fattest necks you can find). It's not a problem at all.
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just wondering how each of these guitars would compare to each-other?

Epiphone SG G-400 @ £219

Epiphone Les Paul Studio @ £249

ESP LTD EC-100QM @ £259
i'd say look around used a bit, can get you really nice deals.
other i'd choose a cheap guitar and put some mods onto it.
strat copy's or perhaps as suggested an ml-1

also anything can do punk right, just aggresive playing style and amp settings and this part.
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You can actually get a decent guitar for that amount

My vintage VS6 (very good SG copy) goes for £180 on dolphin music, and I would happily take mine over any Epiphone SGs I have tried in shops, they definately feel up for the task There is also the V100 les paul copies for a similar price, which are also great

There is also the Danelectro DC59, which is in your price range and would have the sound you are after, and if you can stretch to about £250, the Squier classic vibe tele or the Jagmaster would definitely fit the part

Some of the Epiphones are also good, but I thought I'd list some that hadn't been mentioned (and that I know something about!). It is definately possible to get a decent recording or live standard guitar if you are happy to shop about and aren't worried about branding, at the end of the day if it sounds & plays like a beast...why not! Good luck to you sir
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